Should I have made a move I feel dumb but I don't know I know she really likes me but again I don't know PLEASE HELP?

So my roommates are telling me I screwed up bad, but IDK? Ok so this girl in my Orgo Chem class really likes me and has been throwing signals for awhile and we finally hung out last night, when I arrived though all of her roommates left like instantly, as if she was wanting to have sex with me or get intimate. So we ordered Chinese and sat there and talked for 2 hours straight laughing and having a good time, but should I have made a move on her, and do you think she thought it was weird that I didn't and that we just talked for 2 hours? Im a sophomore in college and my roommates told me I was dumb for not making a move and that since her roommates left she was clearly wanting to get it on, but I don't know any more. She was playing with her hair a lot though but was fully into having conversation with us laughing practically nonstop.


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  • I believe in waiting until you're ready and it looks like you weren't so I believe you did the right thing

  • Basically you just want to fuck her lol. And your peers thinks it cool to fuck... lol

    • Don't fuck if you are not planning a future with her. Unless you just da kinda

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