What would you do if you found out that your s/o lied about their age?


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  • I wouldn't have to worry about it. All I have to do is get a background check before I would even date them. And if they lied, they are done anyway. Don't want to date liars.

    • how do you check background? google user name? i use 10 diff names all using diff ages.

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    • @dsavaldor

      My situation is not different from yours. The point is you be truthful about your age. Or that person has the right to reject you. You may not care, but others do.

    • ur right i wouldn't care and i would be upset if u cut me off in a situation were I looked 25 but was really 30 and if i said 27 i would have been be in ur range and we would have been perfect for each other. in the end that is ur right to do so. no disagreement there.

  • Sometimes people think they look younger then they do. Especially men. Plus if age is a deal breaker to someone, you don’t have the right to force them into a situation they find uncomfortable by lying.

    That is my personal opinion

  • Leave cause my mind word be like what else are they lying about


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