Girls are self destructive?

I've been with 30 girls officially tonight and I'm convinced they just want a mess. Like I'm a guy that has his shit together but can't get a date, hookups easy but no dates. Instead they seem to prefer guys that are going nowhere to try and "fix" him


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  • I think you might not have your shit together as much as you think. The fact you deem women a 'mess' seems to indicate you have shewed perceptions and associated biases. women sniff this out real good. meaning they might use you for some 'on' but never take you serious enough to want to be with you 24/7

    • Somebody can't read. Women want a mess, a bum, a guy with nothing, Who offers not shit.

      My shit is together, well paid job, 2 cars and a house purchase next month.

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    • Yeah they use me sane prefer morons like you that cannot read. Like i stated, " they like a mess" like you an illiterate fuck

    • And you still go off like a two bob watch while I sit here sipping a Jameson and enjoying your entertainment value.

  • hmmm... going to be frank. But maybe the girls find the chip on your shoulder is a bit unattractive?

    • No, I'm a sweetheart but they " want a mess" to fix it but it doesn't happen

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