How do you get over being with a player?

This guy courted me for weeks, and was over the top. I actually thought he was in love with me. I had recently gotten out of a 5 year relationship, so I had no idea people could actually be like this, because then, out of the blue, he stopped talking to me. To make matters worse, we have mutual friends and I'm positive I'm going to run in to him soon.
I told one of our friends that I was going to text him something civil to make things less awkward and they said, "don't do it. he does this to so many girls. he finds pretty girls and knows how to talk to them to get them to sleep with them. Then he keeps talking to them for a week or so until he gets bored and he never talks to them again. you aren't special. he doesn't care, and he won't respond."

Unfortunately, I still think about him and I feel like he really messed with my head. Have any of you been played? How did you get over it? I meet people all the time, but I haven't liked anyone as much as I liked him.


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  • May be too early to say he is a player. He may speak to many girls. But definitely shows he's alone. U can still be safe and see if he likes u. If he ignores u he might like u also. I have lots of friends as girls but the girl I like I ignore her and when she's around I get super nervous.

  • Well some are not playing some ladys or guys can push so hard to see them that they get annoyed there for the one who destroys it is the one who is pushing themself on a great guy ar great lady. in saying this stop pushing the subject be u not a clingy freak.

    Freaks r bad ass but pushy is pushy

  • Sorry you didn't deserve this guys, and women like this deserve to be harm


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