Girls, Why torture a guy even further?

Why torture a guy even further

Ok so say a beautiful girl approaches a guy in a store and wants something for free she notices he has low self esteem and is not very attractive. Why trick the guy into thinking your interested just for your own personal gain, yes you might go home with whatever you wanted but what about his self esteem what about the depression he might experience because he feels on women value him as dateable and would rather just use him when it’s convenient.
Do you think of what you might be doing


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  • If I had to care about everyone’s feelings I’d be dead by now. And really, so many guys take being nice and just acting decent as flirting so we could care less. Not our fault. We want something and that’s what matters. We may even have a boyfriend or girlfriend anyways.

    • No I’m saying when you do it intentionally you flirt to play on emotions

  • I’ve never done that. Although guys have offered to buy me things (in attempt to buy me)


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