IS HE WEIRD or interested?

The title was so clickbair but like😂😂
He always looks at me and i made eye contact but he looked away tf and last time i did i smiled at him but looked away ughhhh😂
I remember one time where his friend wanted to sit near me and he was like no lets sit here and his friend was like why? And he was like... ok fine. And like since then I've seen him look and i saw him once stare at my lips which was kinda weird but i dont get why he can't just talk to me tf?
And he doesn't eat lunch but he's getting lunch now.
I mean i used to really think he's cute but like its fading you know and it just seems really stupid you know how just when i lost interest you show interest? Okay anyway...
Im overthinking it i know but its just a story to share:)
And for me if a guy shy or not if interested will find any way to talk to you.


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  • Maybe he’s just shy lol
    There’s a chance that he could like you


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  • Ah girl, I know exactly what you're going through! I get this by a guy I work with. He's probably shy and could be interested. He's probably just afraid to make the first move. You can do what I do- try talking to him. You might find out more in time then.

    • Ooo he does that to you? Did it turn out he liked you?

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    • I agree, you should just try making some small talk

    • Can u mssg me

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