Is he playing games or is he not interested ?

o my crush found out from someone else that I liked him, so he came to my job and

Twice and asked for me but I wasn't working so he gave my coworker his facebook

And told him to tell me to add him, but I didn't I went into his job and asked for his number

And he even flirted with me, so I waited like 3 days to text him and we had alil convo

Then he just stops responding to my text messages, that was in June, but I saw him recently

And I went into his store and he interrupted me and his coworkers conversation to tell his cw

To go get food together, so I leave and he followed me, he was right behind me in line, and didn't

Say anything but he was staring, and he left before me, when I caught up then

Saw him following me again, then I left.

Why would a guy get a number and not respond?

He even walks pass my job sometimes, and. Because of the layout of the mall

Its obvious he just took that way to see me ?


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  • Guys are strait-forward. If you run into a guy who isn't, and he's not shy or the quiet type; then he's the fake (game-playing) kind.

    Fake, as in, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson's breasts, the Armenian Genocide, or your ex-boss being happy for you getting a better job at a competing firm, etc. (you get the idea)

    Stay away from fake people, especially in dating.


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  • Could be anything, maybe he met someone else, or someone intercepted them, or maybe he knows and you can ask him, he is being really direct with you so if you like him chat and flirt he will do the same if he is interested


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  • he's not into you.. he just stares because he knows you like him! but trust me if he hasn't called or approach you in any way even though he knows you're into him, forget about him! and even if he does.. be careful he can be just playing you.. men = pigs! most of them at least :)

    ps. you should try not tell too many people about your crushes