Is my boyfriend flirting with my sister in front of me?

So I think my boyfriend likes my sister😞 tbh I’m 20yrs old, very insecure, anxious and he’s my first real relationship. We’ve been together for a year and a half and he is an amazing boyfriend. He treats me like a a queen and calls me princess. I’m so in love with this guy (aka “S”). Me and my sister (“B”) are complete opposites I’m a Tom boy and she's a beautiful girly girl. She’s 5 foot and I’m 5’8 and my boyfriend is 5’9. B introduced me and S. They went to school together and he was our brother’s best friend. We've been all over each other ever since, now me S, My sister (B) and brother at the same place. B and S’s are in the same shift and work together sometimes like today, they worked together and when I asked S how his day was and it was all about B and how they were just making fun of each other and also he calls her shorty and lately he’s been trying to call me shorty even though I’m only one inch shorter than him. All his exes are her height. I’ve even seen him check her out a couple times. When they’re together it gets kinda awkward cause they’re just laughing and calling each other names like shorty and start blushing. I don't know if I should be mad because it’s natural, she’s beautiful and he’s a man that likes women. Or maybe I’m just letting my insecurity in the way He doesn’t ask about her, he’s funny and supportive gives me kisses and attention constantly I know for a fact that he loves me but probably has a small crush on my sister is that normal should I be mad or dump him?


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