How can I fix my relationship right now? I really need help?

There is something massive that has been bothering him and he won't tell me what's wrong and won't talk to anyone about it because he says it's too much. I have no idea what it is but he has shut me off to the issue and to him. I was upset because we can't even carry a normal conversation and that's the only way i can support him right now. The argument over that just made things more complicated for him. Then last night when i asked if he even loved me anymore because if he doesn't then why keep trying, he said he doesn't know. This really hurt me because even if he doesn't know about anything else, we have been through so much and never stopped loving each other. I said some things that i all meant. We had plans for this Saturday we had been planning and waiting for for weeks and i am so disappointed because i felt like quality time was what we needed. All this time we've been discussing things over text because we have no other way and he doesn't what to call about it probably so i don't see him cry if he does. Im assuming Saturday is cancelled because he is convinced it would just be a mess and i'm convinced it is our prime opportunity to work our issues out in person. I don't know what to do anymore and i don't know if i should just stop talking to him all together for however long he goes through this or if i stay and keep trying even though i get hurt left and right?


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  • "... we have been through so much..."
    what are you? 16? 17?15?
    you haven't been through jack... if he's having a fucking mental fit and is on his man period... then tell him that straight to the face... tell him you don't like it. He can either 'fess up as to what the problem is... or you are gonna be making out with Zack in the cafeteria tomorrow... period.

    See? no complications.


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