What are the subjects you can discuss with your crush?

I kinda want to start the conversation with my crush but still have no idea what to talk about or how to start it.. I don't want to be boring i wanna keep the covnvo going keeping it fun and interesting... do u have any idea? Girls give e some ideas and guys what are the kinfd of texts u would like to recieve?What are the subjects you can discuss with your crush?


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  • Depends on how much you know him already?
    Conversations always start with the boring "hey how are you?". Let's make up a fictitious one ok?
    You : hey how are you?
    Him : I'm fine and you?
    You : really good I just finished (add something about your day so he can pick it up and start talking more) ex : my homework it was hard. Or really good I just got off work oh what a day.
    Him : oh I know what you mean, it was a long day today.
    You : yeah I am going to relax and watch a movie now.
    You : what kind of movies do you listen to?
    Him : blablabla

    Haha ok this is hard to demonstrate but you get the picture. If the guy likes you he will also make an effort to keep the conversation going! A conversation includes both person and if you find yourself doing all the heavy lifting then he is not interested in talking to you or is a bad texter.
    The trick is to include a few interesting details in your answers. Don't just respond with one liners! The conversation will stop after the boring "hey how are you?" "Good and you?" "Good".

    • This helped me a lot 👏

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  • If that was an actual text by this guy... I've gotta find him and get tips... dude.. im a cunt but this guy is way... WAY more blunt than i am in the arts of "don't give a fuck"... lol... and you obviously suck at talking.
    Im not even part of that conversation and it looked like an interrogation.
    If you have to ASK what to talk about to a crush... then one... you don't really like em... and two... you are horrible at conversing.

    • This is not an actual conversation lol i picked it from google..

    • read my last two lines again..
      Now im gonna add that you can't even give an example...
      yea... you are never getting that crush.

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