When considering a boyfriend what are girls really looking for?

I feel like girls don't actually know which is why it's hard for some guys. Are they more interested in looks or getting compliments or just conversation? Or am I way off


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  • Well, I'm slightly older than you so this may not count. Besides the usual attractiveness and great personality, I look for how our lives fit together. I like to know that we are able to back each other up. But most importantly, I look for a guy that really likes me... and isn't selfish in bed. I gotta have my needs met.


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  • Someone they can get along with, whom they can have a conversation with. You do not always have to talk , just being close to someone is nice. It will help that both feel attracted to one another obviously. Both should support one another through all times. Complement one another now and then is nice, but only if they mean it. Having things in common helps aspecially when it comes to having things to talk about. They should love one another with each others flaws. They should be able to trust one another. They should care for one another and not break one another down. They should not give up on the relationship when things get difficult but both should work on the relationship. Communication is number one I feel (from both sides)


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