Will he ever really want a relationship wth me in the future?

We were dating for four months but he only wants to remain good friends, he however said that in the future he wants a relationship with me but right now he's not feeling it.

He was in a five year long relationship and its only been seven months since he broke up with her

He still wants to keep messaging me but I don't know if I should or if I should even stay good friends with him. Should I just be patient and remain friends or move on?

Thank you!


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  • Cook for him. Grab him by the stomach. He will change his mind very quickly


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  • I had this happen recently. He didn’t want to be in a relationship and just wanted friends, but friends who smooch sometimes.

    I told him no, we are friends with no smooching, we are together, or we are nothing. He got pissy with me at first, he really thought I would agree to being an option... idiot.

    Right now we are friends with no smooching. But being friends is working for us, mostly. As long as we don’t talk about him dating other people.

    What helps is that when I said no being friends with benefits he respected that (after his initial pissiness and realizing I meant it) and he doesn’t cross that line.

    You need to figure out what your boundaries would be - and stick to it. If he’s worth it, he’ll respect your boundaries for staying friends. If he doesn’t/won’t accept your boundaries don’t waste time with him.

    If you stay friends - date other people. Don’t sit around waiting for him. Be his friend, but don’t be at his beck and call hoping he’ll change his mind.


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  • Move on. Please! Don’t put your life on hold because someone doesn’t want to be with you. move on to be open to meeting that person who can’t live without you.


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