Guys, Girls, would you consider this a lie?

If you were dating a guy and then later found out he was wearing a hair piece to cover up his balding, would you consider it a lie? Even tough it is something he does for himself because he simply prefers that look instead of being bald?
Does he owe you any explanation when it doesn't affect you or anyone else in any way, he just does it for himself?


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  • I wouldn't neccesarily. It depends on the time u guys have been together. And it also depends on how much u trust the other person. I think that's something to tell your partner before gettinf into a relationship. That's my opinion.

    • Why is an explanation owed? Its like its an std, it has zero effect on people around you.
      You wouldn't disclose at a job interview or dinner with friends, its your business, nobody else's

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    • If it is a long term relationship, she will know obviously. But I would not disclose when I first meet a girl. If she likes what she sees and we date then great.
      If she's somehow an expert on hair pieces and can tell I am wearing one, and on top of that doesn't like bald guys and rejects me, then so be.
      But she's gonna have to figure out that on her own

    • I just said that 😉

  • If you were dating a girl and then later found out he was wearing a push up bra?


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