Is it wrong to date a christian bc you want to wait for sex, but don't necessarily plan on marrying?

guys want to jump t it too quickly. i have only ever met patient peopler at my friends church. i like one of her cousins and he likes me & i love that id be able to get to know him without worrying about sex, but im not planning on marrying, I don't know if christian guys who plan to wait , ever date just to date for the experience, or if it has to lead to marriage. i dont want to offend by asking.
  • if you're up front i see no problem.
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  • its kind of exploitative.
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What Guys Said 2

  • What's the reason for you to want to date him if you don't want to have a future with him. Sounds unlogic to me. You just want someone who loves you, but you don't neccesarily have to love back.

    Or have i misinterpretated?

    • no. i want a normal loving relationship, if it turned into that, but im ok just dating casually too-- i just dont want to rush with sex.

  • Women who wait to have sex until married do not wait very long. They get married younger.


What Girls Said 1

  • It is ok.


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