Am I reading the signs correctly (she's interested)?

I asked a girl out this past week (Monday). I texted her next day asking when she wanted to get lunch to which she responded that she wasn't certain when she was going to be available because its getting close to the end of the semester and suggested a day. I recommended a restaurant to which she responded that the original day wasn't going to work but if I could push the date back to next week and if I'm free then. I said I totally understand and for her to let me know closer to next week when she's available.

I know from this standpoint it's not much to go off, however, I am new to the dating world and would appreciate advice on likelihood of the actuality of her wanting to date. Thanks


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  • Honestly you're right in that you need more information. Here's what you should look for more.
    • who is starting the conversations that you have?
    • does she respond to you quickly or does it take a long time?
    • do you respond to her messages quickly?
    • how long have you been talking?
    If you can answer these I can help you out more.

    • I mean in the week I have had her number we have only texted a couple of times. It started out by being that it took a day for her to respond back, but then it became at interations of 2 hours. We have only had one conversation because I want our conversations to be on our date vs texting which is what texting is for.
      I respond to her messages at the same rate or somebit longer than she sends them.
      We have been talking for about a week on texting.
      Prior we have been talking for a semester but only in class. I only just asked her out on Monday

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  • Make her wait... Your time is more valuable than hers

  • She's most likely using you for free food


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