"The reason women become hypergamous is because men made them that way." Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Made by another Gag user. Guys enable women to let men be the breadwinner and financially responsible for the relationship.

The reason women like to marry/date up is because of men.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I had to Google this:
    "Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as "marrying up") is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person marrying another of higher caste or social status than themselves."

    I certainly didn't marry up. I don't feel that I could earn someone who was a higher class, and I don't think I could maintain the physical standard of appearance that a man in a higher class would expect, either, in terms of cost or in terms of personal skill (hairstyling is not my gift and my nails are so brittle I gave up doing them).

    I'm not going to do my hair really fancy everyday, and makeup and earrings and high heels and all that just to leave the house, or worry constantly about my figure. I have a life, dammit. :)

    • I actually had men on dating sites quiz me about things like how I keep my nails, and if my feet look good, and what kind of clothes I wear, so I'm not making this up.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Frankly... guys enable women to do a lot of stupid shit that is coming back around to bite us in the butt. I shouldn't say guys in general, just a section of guys that i call "bitch ass men".
    Example... girl is with one boyfriend, gets upset (like they always do)... whack!! slaps him, maybe sometimes repeatedly.. then she does the same with boyfriend number two.. and three... then she comes around boyfriend number four and tries that shit and after the first hit... he fucking reciprocates... and harder too.
    do you think she will ever try that shit again? if boyfriend number one had done that shit.. and so had two.. think she would have hit 3 and 4?

    Men do enable women to get away with a lot of shit because they want pussy... and that is why they are the way they are. And as for the women, they don't know over half the stupid shit they do in relationships... so... they just want it all.
    they marry "up" for the Money, comfort and security, but then they bitch about how the man doesn't spend time with them... how the fuck do they think he makes the money she's swimming in?
    Now if the guy were to stop working so much to spend time with her and the cash flow dwindled... she will STILL bitch.

    One thing I've learned about women... they don't know what they fucking want from a man... then they want it all, and truth be told.. we can't give it all... we can only try. So my theory is that if she doesn't like what i have to offer... she can go fuck herself.


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What Girls Said 8

  • I think these type of things are mainly biological.

  • Some women may marry up because they were poor when they were young, and some just do it because they'd like to have a archer lifestyle. There are even women who married up who truly do love the man, rich or not. I don't think men made then that way, but in some cases it could be possible (father teaching his daughter to marry rich, man divorcing a woman and leaving her nothing, things like that)

  • I don't think women are hypergamous any more than guys are. My SO thinks so then I point out that his ex wife didn't leave him for a richer guy she left him for a druggie he was the rich guy so not exactly upward mobility. Everyone wants something from a partner, otherwise we'd all stay alone, it's easier. Women looking for status from marrying a guy with money isn't any different than a guy looking for approval from his friends cuz "he hit that"

  • Generally, yeah but Iā€™m not interested in dating up or having him be the bread winner. Iā€™d rather be with someone who was near my own social, intellectual, and economic level.

  • I'm not a dependent person, and while I don't mind working, i expect him to be a working person also.

  • I don't know but even If I did I wouldn't personally care because what matters is the quality of the partner as a person, not their wealth.

  • Since I come from a culture like that, yes.

    • What is that culture?

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    • Happy to know that. It was what I wanted to know. Because I'm part of those, who "deny the system" as you said. :)

    • @Unit1 That's nice :)

  • i don't think it's in response to anything


What Guys Said 26

  • This takes away agency from women. If the biggest reason they act a certain way is because of men then can they even think for themselves?

    • thats what i thought too.

    • That's good news because it shows, that women do care for us.
      But to answer your question: Yes, they can think for themselves. They just show how far they are willing to go when it comes to men šŸ˜Š

      Unfortunately for you and me this may not exactly be the secret to get a girlfriend but still it's nice to know what women are willing to do for us. Even when it comes to this seemingly rather accusative criticism it is because they do care for us.

      This is why i cannot stop loving women.ā¤šŸ‘©
      They totally got me!

  • No it's the other way round. Men's competitiveness, appetite for risk, sexual behaviour, emotional capacity and proclivity for exploration are all very much the result of women exercising sexual selection.

  • I agree with this statement. Whatever happens, men did it.
    Feminism became prominent because men oppressed women
    Mgtow came in picture because of feminism but feminism was created by men

    Gold diggers exist because men pay for their expenses. As like that, hypergamy exist because men created it. Females are holy, neutral and flawless souls. They never really wanted to practice hypergamy

  • I think it's mostly biological. But there definitely is a social culture to it as well.

    I don't really think it's fair it say men made them that way like women have no control over it.

    Are women's expectations influenced by how men treat them yes. But to say men are the primary influence I think is too much.

  • I think for the most part yes
    I mean history of course plays a huge role in all this

    We still aren't that far away from before the industrial revolution when things were mostly done by hand. Men did most of that work.
    Until well over 1000 years has passed. It might then dissapear a little more

    But as of now the history is still so near to us when men were bread winners
    And yes there is always some douchebag willing to cover her expenses
    So she compares based on that to some extent

  • I think it is biological, and I also think that men who enable female hypergamy are driven to do so also because of biology.

    It makes evolutionary sense for males to be attracted to the females most in need of their protection.
    Males are driven to seek the most vulnerable female they can get and females are driven to seek the strongest male they can get.

  • I think its a biological nature of women to be like this.

    Men always tends to take the initiative to lead, build and provide for the surrounding ones.
    While women manage and improve the social circle the man has created.

    • Men always take the initiative?

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    • I think some people are just born lazy, from the beginning of time, regardless of social norms. But I commend you for defending your sex so gallantly.

    • Thanks ma'am !

      I personally don't find it a problem if a woman wants to be independent / not marry.
      its her choice.
      But what I fail to understand the feminists who keeps whining instead of actually improving themselves !
      I like to think of it as an individuality rather than a group thinking in the current times.

  • Ugh. I get tired of all this "biology" bullshit.
    Women were property for longer than they have been supposedly "equal" to men.
    They have always married up in regard to social standing and always will.

  • Disagree. If men were in charge of women's sexuality, they'd all be enthusiastic sluts having sex casually. Sex is an artificially scarce commodity, like diamonds, controlled by women.

  • No, it's just in our nature. What we find attractive in the opposite sex is mainly to do with their ability to produce the best offspring.

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