If you date a girl does that mean spending money?

I dated before and honestly my girlfriend was very far away from home plus she found me very attractive so money wasn't always an issue i did pay for some stuff though and gas for the car to actually go see her (she lived 30 mins away) .

i haven't dated in two years, a combination of looking for the right girl and money... basically everytime i find a girl iam interested in i remeber that iam poor, so are my parents and iam broke af, in theory i can go out to resturants or something once or twice a month but more and it becomes a strain ( i dont mind going for walks or just hanging out) what about holidays and her birthday? i know all the girls will say a handmade gift is cute and cool... but i doubt that girls will really like it if they get some crappy card from me...

So i guess dating means i will have to spend money whether i want it or not?


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  • Date does mean spend money, but if it's much or less it's about the couple to decide. You can go to a restaurant that would not cost that much onde in a month or go to a cafe or visit some good places, even stay at home and see a movie together


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