boyfriend likes random girls’ photos?

He doesn’t follow these girls, and somehow finds them and likes their pictures. He does this a lot with “twitch streamer” girls (girls who stream their online-gameplay. This makes me feel really insecure because he doesn’t follow all of them, and a lot of them re super pretty. My boyfriend never likes my photos and he never tells me that I’m pretty or hot or beautiful :/

Why is it so easy for him to admire other women, but not me?


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  • Me personally would never like a twitch streamers picture's. I'm kind off against the whole 'look at my boobs and oh the game is 1/10 of the stream so I am a gamer' act that most of those girls have...

    that said, I think its more then normal if you like your girlfriends pictures, why would you not?

    • He likes girls who aren’t like that (he likes some of them who are). But, he still likes the pretty ones. I️t makes me feel so insecure.

      Also, I️ don’t know why he doesn’t like my photos or why he doesn’t compliment me. I️t makes me feel ugly and like I️ can’t compare.

    • Maybe he isn't the type of guy to complement people on their looks.
      Linking a picture of someone that you don't know or don't have any kind of relationship with is easily done.

      In my opinion this is a weak excuse but its the only one i can think off.
      I would always tell my girlfriend and loved ones that they are beautiful, it seems strange not to do that.

      But don't become insecure, i understand its easy to go there in a situation. but at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters regarding your looks is you.

      I hope you figure this out. I wish i could help you more.

  • Liking a photo is way easier than telling the person you supposedly love that they're beautiful directly and mostly depends on personality traits. I am a really caring person but I rarely show it off explicitly and who knows me understands this. You could even try talking to him and just plainly explaining him how you're feeling about this issue.

    • I have told him so many times... :/ he says he is just being nice. But, why be nice to someone who has 3000+ followers, and has fans and is famous. :/ why not be nice to your girlfriend

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