Am I doing the right thing with her? And what does Husband material mean and why does it scare her?

Hi I'm a 25 year old guy who is completely head over heels for this girl (21) I work with. We recently started to relate to one another over this past summer and I really really want her... but she is stuck on this guy who basically told her that there is nothing there and she needs to move on... she told me that she has feelings for me lol then of course I told her i did too... then she started to really be adamant about hanging with me but i couldn't i was with someone and she knew this but i really liked her so fast forward she started school and I missed her me and my now ex broke up in late August... I went after her like a mad man I told her I valued and wanted her and she told me she couldn't because of the guy and I just couldn't accept that so I started to give too much of myself to her and I got really emotionally invested without any reciprocation and I got frustrated and said things that are out of my character but she is still willing to be my friend even after all that so no we're friends and I still want her I'm there whenever she needs me always winter break is here and she has time she told me she even asked me out but I embarrassed myself going after I honestly find isn't hard to move forward from it she told me to not worry about it and that I'm husband material and I scare because of that like what does that even mean? Like if I am why not just build something with me?
I'm aware of what husband material means I am just confused on what she really means am I friendzoned or not that's the question


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  • You are 25 years old and you REALLY don't know what "husband material" means? I thought your generation googled everything.

    • I know what I mean the better question is to maybe ask if I should take it as rejection or not

    • I think the comment means that she is not ready to settle down and you are the kind of guy who would want that.

    • Yeah I can see how she would mean that there is a slight age difference after all

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  • She's a waste of time. And you're chasing her a bit hard, In a way that makes her want to back off. Also, she's young. Very high chance she doesn't want to be in a serious relationship because she wants to know what's out there

    • Yeah I understand that but what's confusing is she still flirts constantly still wants to hang and be around me now to where I feel like she's waiting on me to make a move because I backed off and left her alone she now show signs of reciprocating what j was trying to give to her a couple of months ago

    • Don't take women too seriously because they will play with your heart. Just take the time to think about it. She could be just enjoying your attention.

    • Your right man your not the only one to tell me that and I've thought about it which is why i backed off women are confusing but thanks

  • She's Just Not That Into You you should probably move on not even friends

  • Sounds like someone who isn't worth your time.


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