What does it mean when a guy often mentions the date that's coming?

Like I was talking about hiring a serial killer and then he said "it would've been easier if we hadn't planned our date already ;p "

He: "yeah that's within a few weeks, if you still want to go on a date :p"

I said: "you goat to smile"
He replied with: "I'm starting to like you :p"

He doesn't bring it up like everyday but like occasionally and he started with saying good night / sleep well while he has never done it in the past 2 months.


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  • I don't quiet understand what you mean by hiring a serial killer not the context in which you are trying to convay here. But based off what I can assume I think he likes you maybe? Or friendzoned you I don't know I feel I need more context or more details to your subscription to more accurately assess this situation.

  • ... why do you need a serial killer again?

  • he's just really exited nothing to worry about


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