Why would a girl that I'm dating block me from an online dating site if we're still talking?

So I started dating this girl I met online a couple of months ago and everything is going good. We've exchanged numbers, went out, had sex, and hung out when we both have the time. We are not exclusive yet but when we're not together she sends me messages throughout the day like good morning and goodnight texts and checks on how I'm doing.
I recently got online and noticed that she had her profile up still and she was active online. She noticed that I looked at her profile and blocked me even though we talk everyday. How should I take this and why would she do this?


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  • Is there possible any way for other people to see that you check out her profile? If so, since you are not exclusive yet, she might not want others to see.

    Otherwise i wouldn't know

  • Maybe she doesn't want you to see that she is still active on there and still actively looking for other partners.


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