What is wrong with her?

She told me she doesn't wanna hurt me because she is stuck on this guy that doesn't want her but still flirts with me and asks me out What should I think? Says im a nice guy and that I'm husband material and that she really really likes me but in the same breath tell me that she can't reciprocate feelings but she still wants to go out she says she needs a friend and I've been giving her that to the best of my ability I'm there whenever she needs me I checked on her on her birthday when he didn't even on Thanksgiving when the other guy didn't and he is in an entirely different state I'm here and I just want her to know that I will always be here but I think that's where I messed up but what should I do should I got out with her Or leave her alone completely? I just don't know lol


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  • I guess he is measuring. She don't want to lose both of you. She need some time to know what she wants

    • Thanks for commenting and I get that I really do and I wanna give her time because I value her well being it's just I embarrassed myself going after her I can't really move past that and now I'm wondering am I giving too much of myself to her.

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  • I had a girl like that when I was thirteen. She filled my head with promises, ideas, and happy thoughts. She dumped me swiftly​, and I was single for three years after that, because I couldn't trust anyone not to do it again. Be careful.


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