Ladies, have you ever been in a LDR with a guy in The military? How was it and did it workout at all?

I need help! I need advices about how often you stay contacted with them, what's the most complicated thing you had to deal with while In situation, is it trust, communication, time? How can you deal with this and what motivates you to stay with them


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  • Are you the person that had that awesome one night stand with damaged goods guy?
    i think you are.
    LDR's are a bad idea... PERIOD. Too many shaky factors.

    • Hahaha. Yea I agree. But some actually do work through it and I wanna know how the hell, not that I'm hoping to be in one just really curious

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    • Damn...

    • Its sad... but thats the way it is. I met a very very good friend off this site. Amazing woman really and yes, we have met in person a couple of times. but no... no extra relationship was formed... it was just a total bad idea. because of stats.
      so... until your soldier boy is gonna be close... its a bad idea. or... OR entertain me and still jump in, but let me know when it bombs...

  • While not a lady, I had just such a relationship while i was enlisted. I called everyday I could, sent letters when I couldn't. Seemed pretty good for quite a while, her friends convinced her it was ok to cheat on me.

    • :( Smh.. Same thing happen to the guy I'm talking to, he said she blame everything on him, lost of trust and communication I guess so she thought it was ok to cheat

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  • yes, however the relationship wasn't very strong before he left so it did not last. However every phone call and letter are so special, write him all the time, and just tell him how your day was, even just that is amazing for them


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