How Do You Get A Girl To Want To Be Your Girlfriend?

I've been dating for about three years (18-21), and a girl has never been In love with me. Not only that, I haven't even had a Girlfriend before. It seems like I can get them to have sex with me before they'll call me their boyfriend. It's really backwards. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


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  • Wait you want them to have sex with you? then become your gf? thats wrong you know and noone likes a player

    • What I'm saying is that it's easier for me to get sex from girls. I'm not being a player, the girls just don't see me as a boyfriend. I thought most respectable women only let guys that they're looking to date long term have sex with them.

    • Well if you want a girlfriend you need to build chemistry anf i don't think girls would like that and i dont have a boyfriend im single and never date anyone but that doesn't mean i'll just have sex to get them guys..

  • You ugly?


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