Do you ever not want a girl to tell you she loves you?

Seeing each other for 4 months, last month agreed to be serious. We both struggle with emotional intimacy but have agreed we have something. I'm falling in love with him. Scared to tell him. Should I?


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  • Yes, I would want to know

    • Would it not scare you off?

      We only started as fuck buddies and it's developed into more. I worry that it might be a step too far.

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    • We've been really intense and I think he is falling for me. Just nervous as I don't want to lose him

    • If you don't feel comfortable telling him yet, then don't do it right now.
      You can wait some more. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't get scared off if I was your boyfriend, with the situation you're in.
      But like I said, people are different.

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