Girl with Boyfriend might like me, should I hook up with her?

So there is a party tonight and there is a girl coming over who has a boyfriend. I'm pretty sure she likes me but I'm not sure whether or not to make a move? Her boyfriend will not be there. I know I'm being an asshole by getting her to cheat on him but if she does I will let her boyfriend know. What should I do?
Their relationship is more of a friend with benefits type of thing. But everyone recognizes them as a couple.


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  • Don't disturb things.
    Don't play with fire.
    Don't go wee-wee in somebody else's pool.
    Don't press your luck.
    Don't tempt fates.
    Don't look for trouble, because it will find you anyway.

    On the other hand, are you sure they are still together?


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  • My faith in humanity is gone. 🤦

    • It's high school what do you expect?

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    • So when girls do it, it's ok? 80% of the girls at my school have cheated on their boyfriends... Statistics will be pretty similar in most high schools. Teens fuck around in high school and experiment shit.

    • Since when did I say that when girls do it it's okay? It's not okay at all. Two wrongs don't make a right.

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  • Tell her boyfriend and make a move be a semi nice guy or be a nice guy and do nothing

  • Ya if she is willing to do it then ya go for it


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