Knowing if a girl wants you to make a move?

I recently noticed that I have no real idea if a girl is really into me or even wants me to make a move. One of my friends was pointing out that this girl might like me, because she was hitting me (in a friendly way) and laughing at my jokes. Yet at the same time she was doing the same thing with him, so I just figured she was being friendly. I tend to always say things like she is just being friendly/nice, or the signs might be directed at some other guy. I never really know if the signs will be directed at me. Even then how can I also find out if the girl is trying to get me jealous? It seems like some of my friends get all of the attention, while I just get none. I don't know if I am putting out the vibe just leave me alone, but I tend to be the quiet one who is a loner. I try to say hello to everybody and be nice, but when it comes to the ladies department it is plain abysmal. Just need some advice on how to do this and what to look for? In addition, how can I know if they are for me.


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  • I have the same problem here but I figured a theorie behind it, just haven't practised it. I think we need to be more active and make a lot of contact woth the person you are trying to get to. I also think girl like it when a guy is busy. Busy in a the way of having a lot of contacts and friends so it make it looks like he is harder to approach, if you get what I mean


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