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My boyfriend is using sex as a substitute for something else and I love sex but I cannot deal with having it every day or hour when he feels like he is going to break his habit and I think. it will help me kick that 0.001 % of. not being able to have kids


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  • Well a lot of girls don't like it when there boyfriends master bait so just be straight up next time and tell him he can

    • I don't care if he does it but. sex. a lot is pain and. sore, but. also does kick the 0.0"1% ass

  • so tell him how you feel and suggest he masturbates more

    • I tried to tell him that

    • so you need to be stronger if he isn't listening and just say no

    • He listens to me

  • I didn't understand your problem

    • How can I help my boyfriend find a new way to channel his missing hobby away from. sex all. the the. time.

    • I see... Well... Thats rough... Be nurturing, ask about his day and stuff, look interested in what he does... This way he will. relief tension by talking

    • That could maybe work and I also see it as a good thing to help us have a kid

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