How to ask out a girl who rejected you in the past?

So 8 months ago I asked out this girl who I was friends with for a couple weeks before and she said she has a boyfriend. She could have been lying but either way it was rejection. Anyways we are still pretty good friends and I'm meeting her for lunch (we always use to do this between classes).
My plan was to ask her "so how's your boyfriend doing?" and if she says they are still together then I'll just accept it. But I have a feeling she might say she is single so what should my plan be then? Do I ask her out right away when she says that with "so can I ask you out now?" or is that a wuss move? Or should wait until lunch is over and just ask her out normally?
I really don't know what to do since I'm so scared. It's so much harder to ask a girl out again after she rejected you.


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  • Maybe don't ask her out yet, she might've just broken up with the ex and she might've not gotten over him yet. But if she is than maybe ask her how she feels about dating again. You'll do great I promise, and if she doesn't accept it at least you were brave enough to show your feeling for her


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