So I finally confessed?

I said "I'm into you, or am I not being obvious enough?"

He said, "Yes, very obvious."

He said it's a process. What does this mean? After that he said he was kidding, and he still leaves me on read, after responding to my initial message. Should I jus move on? Stop paying attention to him for a while? Like hot and cold?


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  • Yeah, I think he has proven that he is simply toying with you and the best move you have is to move on.

    • He never gave any indication that he was into me. He always responds to snapchat messages but not photos. I don't know. I just want to be his friend but he's unapproachable to me.

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  • Stop giving him attention hun

    • :(( its sad

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    • Thank you! That was kind. Guys at my age are fuckin' dumb. They only focus on looks tbh

    • Believe me I know. And they usually only care about making themselves feel good. But there are some good guys :) just have to be patient hun

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  • leave him alone he don't like you


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