I have a problem with confidence?

I have a problem with myself, I don't have the courage to walk to a girl and tell her that I like her
But in work or any other situation I can talk with girls are have no problem with communication with them
Last time I had a girlfriend was 4 years ago and it was the first time
I don't know if I have a real problem or what
I'm totally alone and have no one to ask


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  • I used to have major self esteem issues. What helped me was being forced to experience thr anxiety of certain situations, but despite that anxiety finishing the task that needed done. Start small. Do something you're afraid of and finish it despite the fear. Then, slowly progress to thinks that scare you more.

  • Talk to girls like you talk to guys, aka normal people. Girls now aren't really looking for the guy who just says they like him, you need to work your way in by other means.

  • Bro this problem is mostly with every guy.. try using social app to get your desired woman.. ;)


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