Help I don't know what to Do?

I am completely In love with a friend with benefits how can i find out if he feels the same or how do I turn it into more


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  • If you're in love with him now, as things are, you are getting more from the time you spend with him than just sex. You are getting enough to fall in love with. If there is no reason to think it won't be possible to continue seeing him in the future on the same basis, what exactly is it that you want more of? Frequency of seeing each other?

    • We have dated in the past and he has said he feels the same as I do just doesn't seem to follow through with any more. I told him recently that I really liked him and wanted more he said ditto and in the privacy of our homes he is great but he still introduces me as a mate

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    • Why don't you just start behaving as you would like to in the relationship you wish you were having? You said he's not following through so why don't you follow through and then maybe he will too?

    • ok i just agree with it all so i've nothing to add lol

  • Change your behavior... dont have sex when he wants it... look for flirtacious signals... see if he struggles to find out if you really were okay after that


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