Does she still like me?

So I was dating this awesome girl before we left to college. She asked me on our first date. We had really good dates that she wanted to tell all her family about what we did, where we hiked etc. We've had some long texting sessions, she asked me if I "like like" her, I said yes. I asked her the same, she said yes. But since we went to college, she's in Utah, I'm going to Idaho, we haven't really talked much anymore. I found out from her cousin, we Snapchat daily, that she brought a guy over for Thanksgiving. I called her and she told me that she likes me as a friend but I'm still confused because of what she's asked me before. She said that she's didint want to risk having a relationship with me because relationships end with both parties not liking each other anymore. I don't know if this means that she wants to keep hold of me for later when we can see each other more often but I'm still confused and depressed.


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  • This is a classic example of how women are driven by emotions. When they say something it is a true statement based on what they feel *at that time*!
    She did like like you.. but then things changed.

    Wish her well and let her know you'll always be interested to catch up if you're in the same location again.. Then let go and move on with your life. Don't message her or chase her or refer to the past.
    If she wants to revisit the past, she will reach out to you... And if she doesn't, well you've moved on anyway.
    True love is the gift of freedom. Love her and let her go.. You never, ever own anyone.


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