Told a girl how I felt, but I think I scared her away. What should I do?

Told a girl I was interested in how I felt. I told her that I’m tired of beating around the bush and that I want her. We had been talking for about a month and she kept giving me mix signals which was just making me confused. But when we were talking in the beginning she told me she just got out of a long relationship. And if this is going to happen she would like to take things slow and won’t be ready for one anytime soon.
So I told her how I felt. And she was saying how it’s her fault how I caught feels and how she was trying to retain herself from talking to me and how she wants to be friends. And I was confused because when we would hang out we won’t act like a couple and we would hang out every week.
So I told her I think it’s best if we don’t talk or see each other for a while.
So it’s been a while and i send her snaps once in while and I have told her if she wanted to hang out once during this break.
And when I did, took hours to respond and we didn’t hang out or she would just open my snaps.
So what should I do because I understand she wants to be friends and I want her as a friend and maybe develop but I feel like I scared her away. And like I just want to be straight up with her and be like look I get it. So what should I do? Tell her? Or just give it more time?


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  • If you truly want to be friends and can put aside the feelings for life, send some sappy long message. If you want to be more than friends, move on. If she did 'fall' for you, you'd be a rebound and she doesn't want that for you. It at least shows she cares for you.


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  • My thoughts..
    She liked you.
    You got all out of shape... Too keen.. and you turned her off you.
    Then.. when you told her how you felt, it was too much and she's backed off.

    In other words. You were too keen. Like a door mat?
    Women are attracted to guys that have things going on, an active, social and stable life.
    You only need to date once a week at first. Let her think about you.. wonder what you're up to.
    Don't text or chat too much.. save it for the dates..

    And do not say how you feel about a woman, until she asks you! Otherwise you look weak and needy!

    Women are emotional and it takes them time to develop feelings in a guy. Push this and you push them away.. What's the rush? Have fun and let things happen naturally..


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  • She is trying to protect you. There are some girls in this world who would string you along, just for the attention. In my book she sounds a good girl from the little I have read. Because she made it clear from the start, yet still enjoyed your company. Ask yourself this: If you were to go back as friends, could you deal with never becoming anything more? Because that ultimately would be my fear, that you potentially couldn't.

  • I'll tell you what I'd do in that sitiation. If one of my best friends tells me he loves me I'd be scare at first and have some time to myself. I have to rethink about my feelings for you and how things could turn out. Since she was in a long relationship before you guys met she probably doesn't want to be hurt anymore. You gotta fight for her and proof to her that you really love her or let her have some time and be friends again after a while. Everything that happens in your life happens for a reason


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  • She's not interested in you as a romantic partner and it's extremely unlikely that will change. You didn't "scare her away". She had friend-sounded you when she first met you.


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