Does "No Contact" work if you haven't had sex with her?

So I'm not going to contact a particular girl. I know she has some attraction. I just don't know how much. Either way, she agreed to a date, but didn't keep it. We have had sex yet. Would not contacting her over weeks work? Or will she just lose feelings for me as someone else comes along? I've known her for 2 months. We're in college


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  • "No contact" has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with providing forced distance between two people when there is some conflict going on. The idea is that it gives them both a chance to live their lives and re-assess the relationship without having to deal with the drama and emotions of that other person.

    That said, you've only known her for two months and there's already a no contact thing in place? I would guess that you two are not very compatible. Was "no contact" her idea? if it was, maybe she's trying to drop you a serious hint.

    • No its my idea. She flaked on me with an excuse that she fell asleep

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