Sexjob add? help?

a friend of mine was in contact with a guy from sexjob... she needed too get some money transefered... she asked me if i would like to use my bank account to receive money she would get from her male friend to go out that evening... i said yes not knowing it was a guy from sexjob add... she used an undercover name but now she used my real name and bank account to recieve his money... am i in trouble now?


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  • Don't do it. She's using you to hide herself from the guy. Don't do it.

    • she wanted to use her bank account but it would take two days to be send cause she has a different bank... me and the guy had the same bank so it would take 2 hours

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    • warcha u mean

    • Identity theft. Stealing you personal information to either commit crimes, or steal money from you. It's a mess. Gotta be careful with this sort of thing

  • No , I don't think so.
    Ur frnd did so , jst to hide her person details from the customer.


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