How would family react to bringing home a sexy girl?

I'm talking like a swimsuit model caliber woman. Beautiful face, chesty, and nice shapely hips. I often wonder how, if in some crazy stroke of luck, if I were to meet such a woman, I wonder how my family would react.

Because I have always been very shy and sensitive when it comes to women. I've never had a girlfriend. It seems like she'd come out of complete nowhere simply because there have never been girls around, in my life. It's kind of depressing when I look back and I've never had many females in my life and I don't really know why that is. Some guys just can't shake them off if they tried, and they aren't even all that sometimes either.

But I do wish and hope I can find a woman that I am highly attracted to and have a great and fulfilling sexual relationship with, one day, but have it be much more than that. I just look forward to that day I can bring a woman home that I am very enthusiastic and proud of. 😔
Please note, that the first paragraph is bordering on fantasy, it still applies in that I wonder how my family will finally react when I bring a pretty girl into their home. It just seems so foreign to me and I hate that honestly. I shouldn't struggle with women. 😕


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  • i think that your dad will be like "well done my son you have made me proud" but will not say that infront of your mother lol and your mum will be like i dont think she is good enough for you haha.

  • They will be like damn how did you pull that? That's some nice DNA she got right thur.

    • I could honestly see like rolling into a family Christmas party where my grandparents would cause a big scene or something. Could be super embarrassing. 🤦‍♂️

    • Oh yes definitely. Make sure she's the one. So no need to rush.

    • Grandma will be too excited lmfao.

  • I’m picky on it and relatable.


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