Did It Seem To Go Well?

I met this girl online about a week ago. We went out today for coffee and walked around town looking at Christmas stuff. When I got to the coffee shop she seemed really nervous. It was awkward. Her body language was closed. We got coffee, walked around. She was quiet.. but still laughed at my jokes. We talked about some of the people we met online and laughed at some of the stories we had. She seemed to open up more. Anytime I'd open a door for her at shops.. she was hesitant. Quite frankly.. I hate it when women do that.

About 3 hours into it I had go. I had arrangements later with family. I told her and she had a confused look on her face. I asked her, "Where did you park again?" "Oh like.. way down there haha." I offered to walk her back. She laughed abd said, "No.. that's ok." And kept twisting her body awkwardly. I said.."Let me walk you back.. doesn't bother me." "No.. you're parked closer.. that's ok" Laughed and smiled awkardly. I said, "Ok.. I had a good time.. it was great meeting you." I gave her a hug and said bye and she said bye laughing awkardly looking in different directions confused. I thought.."Ook.. that didn't go well." I text her a few hours later and said I had a good time and thanked her for grin wbd bearing the cold weather. She replied later and said she had fun. I accidentally sent her a text that was for my sister telling her what to order for me at the restuarant. I realized I goofed and told her it was the wrong person. I said I'm glad you had fun. She didn't reply.. which I'm not digging into that. Did she seem unnerved that I had to leave for prior arrangements with family (Which I really should've told her before).. or did she seem to be genuinely disinterested or nervous?


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  • Maybe she was thinking that there was going to be more to the date. First dates are most of the time awkward. Give. her a few. days and call her to see where her head is at.


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