She said I was "oblivious", what does she mean?

We haven't talked in a while... she told me a couple months ago "do you know why I friendzoned you".
We just started talking again, and she said that I was "oblivious"... did she have feelings for me at one point?


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  • Maybe she thought you came on too strong or something?

    • Thing is, I am wondering if it is because I didn't come on at all to start with.
      I never flirted or anything, and always played it safe, because I thought I was always friendzoned... :/

      But I always liked her...

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    • Hmm ok... should I tell her I had feelings for her, but I was just too awkward

    • Live and learn

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  • It means that you didn't notice her having feelings.

  • Maye you did something she thought was wrong.

    • Yeah we stopped talking because I had to miss her race, for my football match. I went through a rough date/breakup on Friday. I needed someone to talk too, so I talked to her... and she responded

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    • Hey at least you're giving it your best shot regardless of if you guys get back together or not

    • Hahaha thanks :)

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  • Apparently she was right...

    • Is it too late to tell her I had feelings, and to ask for a chance?

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