Why did he ask if we would've held hands? Is hand holding a big deal for men?

So I invited this guy I've been seeing for a couple of months to watch a play with me. He couldn't make it because he was working that evening. But he called me before the play started and apologized for not being able to make it, said repeatedly he really wanted to be there with me, then asked if he would've been able to come, would we have held hands? And on our next date will I hold his hand?
Why would he ask that? Is hand holding a big deal for men?


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  • it's not generally a huge deal for men but i can see how some dude has that romantic preference or just longs for some kind of physical non sexual affection.

    • True! He is kind of that type of a guy.

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  • Well it's a nice feeling to hold hands with someone. I don't think it's only a big deal for guys. He just wants to feel close to you.

    • I agree! I told him I would hold his hand.. It was just the way he asked a few times to confirm if I would or wouldn't that got me curious.

    • He was probably nervous about whether you actually wanted to do it :) it's cute

    • Yeah I found it quite cute! :)

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  • I would expect that from first contact but you've been together for two months.
    Maybe he's just an emotional romantic man

    • He is kind of that type..

    • Dosent rush into relationships and while not a virgin hasn't had many girls in his past?

    • He has had a decent number of relationships in his life. But yeah he is a kind of guy who doesn't rush things, and is very patient.

  • Holding hands sounds so lame but in my distance relationship it was one of the things I really missed. Not only holding hands but her hands in general just feeling them.

  • It's not a huge deal for me but it is still important to me

    • Why? Is it like a next step in your mind?

    • It's the intimacy of it and yeah kind of that to as well as the romance of it

    • That makes sense. Thanks for explaining! :)

  • Yes it is, it's basically showing openly to the world that he's your boyfriend.

    • Aw that's very nice to hear! :)

  • He thinks your his mom because his a insecure prick

  • It is for me , huge deal.

    • Why is it important for you? Is it when your feelings for that girl have grown stronger and/or more serious?

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    • Makes sense.. I appreciate the explanation! Thanks! :)

    • You're welcome.

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