Guy I'm interested in made me uninterested? Not sure if he's playing games?

So I went on a date with a guy and we matched really well.
Like our morals, etc. We talked and we were just very similar.
After the date he called me beautiful and wanted to see me again.
I told him I wanted the same and told him my days off.
He said great and never got back to me for a good 2-5 days.
He then popped up and asked if I wanted to do something last minute.
I said no- it was too last minute. Then he tried again to do something last minute but this time it was to hangout with his friends. I said no because it was last minute again and I didn't feel comfortable meeting his friends yet.
Another 4 days go by and he pops up to say hi hinting to wanting to hangout. I told him I'm off these three days! He does nothing.. so I suggested a day. He said he would get back to me. The day arrived and he didn't text all day. Then late that night he texted me saying he didn't hear from me. I told him im not interested in his inconsistency and that I dont like games. I'm not interested. He apologized and said he didn't mean it and that he really was busy and to please give him another chance. That he was too grown for games etc. But now I"m just like these are just words and not actions. I"m over it. Would it be good to just cut this one off? I've heard this all before from guys and there's always either another girl involved or they're just not that interested. He continues to text me but he never does anything. I called him out on it and he apologized. My patience is running thin though.
  • Call it off. Not worth it.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't waste ur time on silly people. Move on.

    • U deserve better

    • I just sent a text that im not interested. This guy is obviously just trying to play around since he came from a breakup with his ex.

What Girls Said 1

  • Call it off. Not worth it.


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