Guys, how would you feel in this situation?

You got to know a 20yo cute girl online but you’ve never seen her smile showing her teeth. Then you meet up her and find out why she never smiles in her pics- she wears braces. How would you feel in this situation? Would it be a turn off or a bit surprising but still think you could date her or anything else?
Thank you for your opinions!! All of you say it definitely isn’t a turn off. Well, is it also the same if the girl has crooked teeth? I mean, I sometimes see people with straighten teeth wear braces. But it’s not like that, I mean... she needs one apparently and she actuly has them.


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  • Braces are NEEDED!!! To make your teeth beautiful. Specially when i faced a lot of girls or bots with braces that weren't smiling. And now they do.

    Listen, don't give a damn about opinions of others like that. If a boy likes you, he will smooch your lips the hake out of you even if you have braces


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