Is he being rude to me?

So I went to a trip with my ex boyfriend to where he used to grow up at. I’m pregnant and he won’t tell anyone of his family. So he was checking out and he ran into some people he used to know as a child. I didn't know he knew them and I went up to him and asked if he was buying the sweater. He and I came to the decision to get an abortion. Mainly his choice well anyway the person said ( his mom told me a lot about you) (me) well I don’t know his mom so that was super awkward. I didn’t know what to say. Well I thought he was talking to another girl so when they left I was furious because We both promised that there wouldn’t be any other girl in the picture so it seemed sketchy why would his mom talk about me she barely even knows anything about me. So when they left I started saying to him what the hell? Who’s this other girl? He claimed his mom was talking about me but he we only dated a week. So he’s mad at me because I went up to him when he was talking to 2 people. And said something at the store when they left. I was mad. Also how is it my fault i didn’t know he knew them when I walked up there.


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  • So you haven't met his mother, it doesn't mean he hasn't talk about you with his family.
    A good relation advice though is you girls should know where and when to get furious. Public places and in front of others isn't a good situation for you partner.
    Some men get really upset in such a situations.

  • Your story is hard to read. You jump subjects.


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