Am I friendzoned?

So there is this blonde girl I met couple of months ago. We were on 4 dates and I think we clicked. I’m shy so I didn’t try making moves but I give her compliments, hug her goodbye, hold doors and chairs etc... when we walk somewhere she like allways comes closer to me and touches my arm even tho there is space around. On the last date I was about to kiss her after walking her home but I don't know what happend. We were talking about me meeting her parents and how they would ask if we are dating and if I had a girlfriend. She was repeating this topic for some time and I tought that was a hint. After that we talked about her neghboors and how they would ask her who is that and she said “Cant people just be friends”. I got really upset and didn’t walk her home. I gave her a hug and noticed she hugged me with only one hand. She frequently teases me about my ex. What does that mean?


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  • She was obviously into you. Ask yourself, why isn't she anymore.

    Say to her you feel some distance between you and her and ask why. Express your thoughts and feelings. If she is mature she will understand and tell you te truth.

    I can not tell why it seems she is not into you anymore.

    I think she is. You just have to make more moves after 4 dates hahaha.

    So in short:

    1. Talk to her and express your feelings and thoughts.

    2. For now and in the future, if she is still into you, make more moves!

    Hopefully you will end well together!


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