My crush and I had an argument and now he's been ignoring me. Does he hates me now?

So yesterday we had a huuuge miscommunication. I basically asked him if we are dating but in other words, because I heard from my coworker that he has told his friend about us. So told him that I heard from someone that he's been dating (ME!)? But he thought I was assuming him from dating with someone else, so he got pissed off..
Today I asked him if he still wanted to hang out because we actually would today.. but the day's almost over and he's been ignoring me ever since that text.

What does that mean?

Does he not like me anymore? Does he want some space? I just don't understand it and I don't know what to do.


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  • It means you need something to take your mind off the situation. Relax until your emotions have a chance to settle. When you are sure you aren't going to overreact, then you should try to start a conversation.

  • I think the problem is you don't communicate well, I didn't understand anything you said

  • He's probably angry and confused. If you've never had the talk, that's to be expected. Open & honest communication is the cornerstone of every relationship.
    You've done your part by asking him if he still wants to pal around like usual. When he gets over his tantrum, he'll get in touch. Waste no time before having the talk. If he doesn't want to talk about it, leave him alone. Your relationship will be chock full of misunderstanding, arguments, fights and tantrums if you can't have honest discourse.

    • So it's better for now if I don't say anything to him? What if he never speaks to me again :/

    • Then that's on him. If he doesn't ever want to talk to you again, pestering him doesn't help your cause.

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