Text habit? Can you decipher?

I like a guy. Been on 4 legit dates and to each other' houses. With holidays life has been hectic on weekends (and as a single parent sometimes i suggest a week day when he asks my availability) but 2 were fridays. He has worked the next day after 3 out of 4 dates as his hours require weekends and yesterday for instance it was til 10pm. But he never texts the next day. This makes me wonder. He always texts the same day to confirm. Maybe 2 days after, but never the next day. Does this mean he's not into me? I should also note we haven't brought things to the "next" level. He's made moves the last two dates but I've been clear I'd like to get to know him better and I'm not ready.


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  • If I'm reading this correctly, and you're worried because he didn't text you like he usually does, then he's trying not to be so predictable with you perhaps. I find sometimes that if I'm always predictable with a woman, then they get complacent or bored or they get the feeling that , "I'll always be around, so I can play him or string him along as long as possible." That's usually the feeling I get when a relationship doesn't feel like it's progressing or if I feel like the attitude of someone towards me isn't improving, or I feel they will never trust me after so many times together.

    There is patience and then there is stagnation to the point that I start to wonder why she still feels we aren't at the trusting stage yet? Like in my mind, if I'm with someone and I've been to their home, shared intimate times with them, trust them enough to be at my place, try my best to keep in touch with them even when I'm busy, and try my hardest to show them care, and they are still cautious with me, it tells me either I'm not really the one for them or that there is someone else they want or that I'll never get to the stage where they will trust me enough, so now I'm wasting my time.


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  • I'd say he's keeping his options open. If you've been on 4 dates and spent time at each other's houses and you're still being hesitant towards intimacy with him then he's assuming you're not interested in him sexually and want something platonic. Of course this based on limited info. If you like him, be blunt and tell him, men usually appreciate it. We can't always tell when women are interested.

    • We've made out and done some heavy petting etc. Just interested in a LTR and don't want to screw that up by rushing. I've blunting told him I find him attractive and I WANT to, and I'm not a prude, just want to know him... isn't that direct enough?

      I told him how I handle myself when I chose a partner to sleep w (ie. One at a time), and I am looking for that in a potential partner, to which he responded he wasn't currently dating anyone else. But I think that was a way of saying that he might still be texting and looking, he's just not going on actual dates...

  • Are you worrying because he didn't text you the next day?

    • I guess im wondering if he's thinking of me or not if he's waiting a day to text.

    • Didn't you said he usually works the next day of your dates? And up to a late hour?

  • He sounds busy. If he gradually distances himself from you, then it’s poddible his not interested. So far it seems like he’s busy.


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