Is it weird to have a a girlfriend but want to live in your own place?

So I have been worth my girlfriend since I was 16 and I'm currently 20 and looking for a place. My girlfriend wants to live with me but I want to have a place alone for awhile. Is that weird?


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  • Not at all. Let me ask this: are either of planning on going away to college? That is a crash course in how to live as roommates (albeit the same gender)
    Learning to live on your own or with roommates is not easy, and it is a bunch of trial and error. If you add the fact that the roommate is also your girlfriend... very difficult.

    • We are both done with college. I'm working full time and she is still part time. I want a place and she wants to move in with me, at first I wanna just be by myself so I can figure out my life financially. Obviously I want her to come over a lot and stay the night but all in all I want it to be my place. I'm not saying I never want to live with her but at first no. Plus I know she will girly up the place lol

    • Okay, the NFL disregard the college part of my answer. Are you asking this because you think she will be upset if you don't let her live with you?
      I lived solo from the end of college until I was 32. I wouldn't change a thing there.
      I understand your concern about your potential home being girlified... stand your ground, but a woman's touch is sometimes good around the house.

  • Sounds unusual, but understandable.

  • At the beggining not


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