He said I love you?

So I've been seeing this guy. We've dated maybe six weeks. This morning we didn't have an argument but I was being really grumpy with him because I'm really ill and he said I love you. Then said he said it to try and make me smile. For me it's massively too soon, But was he even being serious? I messaged him saying sorry for being grumpy and he said he needed a bit of time. I'm just so confused.


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  • Since he said it and you didn't he feels that you don't care for him. Did you explained that you are not at that level yet?

    • Didn't really get the chance to talk about it. He said it just before he left isn't it way too soon though?

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    • You welcome and good luck. Don't worry if you guys have a good time more than likely you'll be alright in the long run as long as you explaine and get angry. We really are delicate when it comes to love.

    • Don't get angry lol

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