Getting out of the friendzone?

Hey so i've had this friend for a while. We were both seeing each other as friends and we were telling each other about the people we liked. Recently i've developed feelings for her and her attitude towards me has somewhat changed. In the past when i tried using the heart emoji she would reply using a blue heart a 'friendzone heart" as she calls it but nowdays she sends red hearts herself and kissing emojis. Next she sends me selfies wherever she is. Nothing special but she never uploads on instagram she only sends me. Even if she is out with friends she sends me a pic of herself and texts me. She for the first time invited me to sit with her at school and when we were in IT class instead of sitting on a chair that was next to her she decided to sit with me instead (idk i thought it was good to mention). Next week se has invited me to go to the movies with her 1 on 1 (she's a star wars fan) and i wonder if I should make a move. She didn't use to text me first or invite me out i would usually do that.
Thanks for the answers beforehand


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