How can I tell if a guy likes me? He put his hand on mine, stands close to me and tried inviting himself to a concert that I'm going to?

I have a crush on this guy. We work together at McDonald's. We have all the food in trays, ready to go. I was making a burger, I put my hand on one of the trays to take a piece of chicken, and my crush put his hand over mine and gave my hand a squeeze. He also got really close to me. His chest was on my shoulder (he's a lot taller than me) He left his hand on top of mine and didn't take it off until I said "hey".

About an hour later, he got really close to me again and another one of our coworkers said "ohhh he's getting close to you" but once he said that, my crush backed off.

Then a while back, I said i would only date guys 18 and over. Since I'm 19 and he was 17 at the time (he's 18 now) but at the time when I said that, he said "well, I'm 18"

Me, my crush and this other guy (let's call him John). Me and john and a couple of other people are going to a local concert next Saturday and John brought it up and I said I can't wait. Then my crush asked about it right after I said I was excited for it. My crush then asked for specifics. Like where it's gonna be at, what time, and if the band is any good (it was obvious he hadn't heard of the band).


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  • Just ask him out


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